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As the child of a theatrical family, Alycin Hayes grew up backstage at the renowned Stratford Shakespeare Festival of Canada.  Duke Ellington introduced her to music on her family's piano when she was just three years old.  Glen Gould played on the family piano in her parents living room.  Ravi Shankar dropped by for tea with his sitar to share his insights on Indian percussion music with her when she was an impressionable 13 years of age.  Since then she has spent most of her life exploring and adventuring on horseback around the world. 

Alycin first splashed into the international press when at 15 she took an impromptu swim with the Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Elliot Trudeau.  She has traveled overland through Europe, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, studied yoga in India with Swami Gitananda,  watched the the sunrise over Mt. Everest,  canoed through Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil's Amazon basin,  danced with fire walkers in Fiji, studied Capoeira in Brazil with Mestre Sombra, researched King Halle Selassie's Barbary lions in Ethiopia and studied Thai temple drumming while designing musical instruments for the elephants that play in the Thailand Elephant Orchestra.

Alycin Hayes studied Drama at the University of Texas and also has a degree in Zoo Animal Technology.  Her animal behaviour research has been published internationally.  She has ridden her American Indian horse in 25 and 50 mile Endurance races in Canada and the USA . In 2008 Alycin was a groom/crew for the Canadian Equestrian Endurance team for the FEI 2008 World Championship 100 Mile Race in Malaysia.  Alycin is certified in Reiki and uses her skills in her unique Horse Bodywork.

Some of the many percussion instruments that Alycin plays are  jazz washboard, bongo cahons, magic keys, ashiko, djembe, log drum, guiro, caxixi, berimbau, wooden spoons, gongs, chimes, singing bowls, hill tribe elephant bells and many other unique instruments she designed and made herself.  She has facilitated workshops at retreats and colleges in Canada and the USA.

Alycin Hayes has performed music in United States, Canada, Iceland, Thailand, Malaysia and Europe with a wide range of musical groups that have included African, Jazz, Celtic, Latin, Reggae, Folk, Rock and her Own Songs and Music.

In 2007 Alycin  recorded a CD with the Canadian drumming group THE RHYTHM SISTERS. 
In 2008 she released a CD with the Florida Suwannee Folk Rock Band  PROGRESSIVE MADNESS.
Alycin is currently acting in films and performing her songs with her Canuk Folk music/theatre/film group CHIMO GIPSY.  Please "Like Us' at Gipsy

What others say about Alycin's Music:

"Great work Alycin.  You have a bit of the Marianne Faithful thing going on."  Trudy Artman

"Alycin - your video was amazing - I loved the song you wrote and your vocals couldn't have been better. Great work !!!!"
Mary Pinkney

"Alycin what a very beautiful video and your song and singing is lovely"  Pam Addley Geiger

"Moth Singed Candle" has such a wonderful calming effect, and your voice is divine. I am not surprised it is doing well, and I hope may it continue to to well. It's too beautiful not to be heard.. " Iris Ramos

"Your band Progressive Madness sounds like a reincarnation of the Traveling Wilbury's; Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, George Harrison and Roy Orbison reincarnated into touchable, hearable and feelable, life-like people, spanning  generations (still living) that you can touch, hear and feel. The real thing!"  Jim Masterson

" I LOVED the soundscapes on the seagull song!! Not sure how you did it but it was wonderful." Jan Kalmusky, British Columbia, Canada

"I just had a listen to the music you recorded with Progressive Madness.  Seagull Song is a beautiful atmospheric piece. It creates a wonderful audio picture. Certainly lots of diversity to the music of the band. And I can certainly relate to their name - Progressive Madness - I know I'm definitely making progressive towards that." Brent Jones, Ontario, Canada

"Very inspiring "   Dinah Christie, Ontario, Canada

"Really a unique sound"  Jack Barnes, Drumanticks Newsletter, Ontario, Canada

"Thanks it was fun, fun!" Layne Redmond  Salvador, Brazil

"Out came Alycin with a half a dozen laughing and smiling women and soon there there were scores of percussion instruments ... The energy was electric that night;
The crowd was up dancing and playing, playing and dancing! "  Pam Bell, Editor of Gourd Fever Magazine

Some musicians Alycin has performed with
Grant Peeples
Flash Silvermoon
The Blues Sisters
Dave Dowling
Progressive Madness
The Rhythm Sisters
Carole Allison
Tomas R. Einarsson
Ubaka Hill
Baba Leon & The Lost Safari Drummers
Gabriola Island's SAGE

                    Alycin's First Band


Actress, Singer, Songwriter, Percussionist


Workshop in Canada

Children spontaneously join Alycin onstage

Alycin playing in London

A few of Alycin's lyrics

Moth  Singed Candle

"Singeing my wings
each time I fly by
I never learn
 to avoid my pain
Like a moth to a flame
I return my love again..."

Panther of the Florida Night

"He ran bravely, blindly
into the woods with fright
He ran kindly, knightly
to save her from her plight
 Cause she cried
Help me, help me
Help save our panther of the night..."

Fair Weather Friends

"Fair weather friends
 They come and they go
Like changing seasons
Or fresh melting snow..."
Copyright © 2006 Alycin Hayes

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