Alycin Hayes
"A Relaxed Horse Performs Better."

Alycin Hayes is a Certified Practitioner.  Her Equine Bodywork  uses an integrated harmonized mix of  Reiki (energy healing), pressure points (finger pressure massage), stretching (to release muscle stress), gentle horse manipulation (to release endorphins) massage (to loosen tight muscles) and healing crystals (to promote healing) and other holistic treatments.  Your horse's body language guide Alycin's work.  Alycin's Equine Bodywork is a member of the Ontario Equestrian

The result is a relaxed horse that not only feels better, but also performs better.

Shortly after treatments horses that are spooky tend to be less spooky, horses that are nervous tend to be more relaxed, horses in pain tend to be less sore, and horses that are tired tend to regain energy.  Alycin works on all kinds of horses from backyard pets to international athletes.
To see Alycin working on horses go to her youtube called "A Spa Day for Your Horse"

Alycin Hayes' Background
Horses have always been in my family.  My pioneering great grandfather bred some of the first horses used by the Canadian Mounted Police in Alberta. I have personal experience riding Hunters, Jumpers, Endurance and Dressage horses as well as Western Pleasure and Working horses.
I am a Certified  Reiki II  practitioner and I have studied Equine Shiatsu.  I have a degree in Zoo Animal Technology from Santa Fe College in Florida.  I also studied Horsemanship at Humber College in Toronto, Ontario and worked as a groom for the British Jumping Team when they were in Canada.   In 2008 I crewed for the Canadian Equestrian Endurance Team in Malaysia at the FEI World Championship 100 mile Race.
I have studied and worked with the US Equestrian Endurance Team Massage Therapist Jim Masterson on horses for riders from the Canadian, US, Indian, Polish and Danish Endurance Teams.

                                                 GIVE YOUR HORSE A SPA DAY!

Alycin's Intuitive Equine Bodywork helps to balance your horses' energy both physically and mentally by working with the equine meridians, pressure points and chakras resulting in relaxation which can help to reduce or eliminate pain.                                                              

Alycin's Equine Bodywork helps the Horse by:
Encouraging more suppleness and flexibility
Improving flow in walk, trot and canter
Focusing energy before an event to reach peak performance
Increasing energy levels
Accelerating recovery from illness/fatigue/ injury/sickness
Relieving pain & relaxing muscular tension 
Encouraging more balanced movement
Calming spooky horses

Alycin Hayes riding her
American Indian Horse Zarrs April Fancy

Questions about Equine Bodywork ?

For more information on Alycin's Equine Bodywork or prices  please contact Alycin
Alycin's Horse Bodywork Testimonials:

Flesherton, Ontario Canada

"It was such an interesting day having Alycin here to "look" over my Standardbred "Bump". He was nervous to start with , but Alycin soon had him relaxing. I did not think that he could relax enough to let his legs be stretched so far. He had a silly expression when Alycin did "something " to his head and he even let her massage his tongue. Alycin pinpointed where his "trouble " was.   He would always duck his back when first mounted. After Alycin left he did not duck on palpation. His back seemed solid.  "
 Nancy Beacon (former member of the Canadian Endurance Team)

 Lexington. Kentucky
"The girls( 2 Arab Mares) had much more freedom of movement yesterday! Especially Pokie ! (Polka Dot a mare with serious Laminitis)  I think they definetely benefited from the work you did on them! " Cindy Harmon owner of Harmoneigh Stables, Lexington, Kentucky.

Hawthorne, Florida
"I wanted to let you know that he (Dr. Darrow's gelding Zak that was suffering from back pain) seemed much less back sensitive in the evening when I went back out to see him. He was also relaxed ... less tense and guarded." Dr Bess Darrow DVM cEqD

Goethe Forest, Florida -
Bucks is galloping around, never looks like he did any mileage... Thank you so much...Looking forward to seeing you again.  Regards Pam Weidel "  Pam Weidel  owner of AF Bucks after he
 came in 5th at
FITS - FEI 100 mile endurance race in Florida, 2010 ridden by Mustafa Tehrani for Team India. This was Bucks first 100 mile ride.

Mustafa Tehrani of India aboard the Weidel owned and trained horse AF Big Bucks has now qualified for the WEG (World Equestrian Games) Endurance Championships to be held in Kentucky on September 26th, 2010.

 Melrose, Florida
Subject: Alycin Hayes Exceptional Equine Bodywork
My horse Chinamoon and I have been privileged to witness and experience Alycin Hayes's superb Equine Bodywork. About 6 months ago Alycin did a demo workshop on China and my sweet mare went into a very happy zone. She is a lover of energy work anyway but what Alycin did seemed to put her on a total high both comfortable and comforted. It was clear  at this first experience and everyone there after that China absolutely loved  the work and its effect on her.
On another occasion Alycin came over to give China another treatment and the same wonderful reaction ensued as a matter of fact, when  she stopped working on China, China did her backing up trick that she does to get more food and clearly she was saying MORE!  You can tell when Alycin works that she is constantly listening and feeling for the energy of the horse totally waiting for release and reaction to know how to proceed.
It is quite magical to watch and I am also an energy worker as well as an Animal Communicator so I can totally "get" what she is doing.As an observer, I experience a beautiful marriage of horse and healer sharing information, healing, patience, new postures,understanding and obvious release and relief.
The last 2 visits, Alycin was specifically working on my horses foot problems and the resulting muscle cramping. China has had some laminitis in the front hooves and Alycin  could tell exactly where she needed more relief on her legs to release the tension that was building due to a different walk.
This last visit had a most remarkable finish. China had been very slow and obviously uncomfortable and Alycin did her usual awesome work stretching and doing what she called "horse Yoga" which China clearly loved as well. My dog and Alycin's dog began racing around the yard near the  finish of her  session.  China must have felt  that she was complete and feeling really good because as they passed her going one way she kicked up her heels bucking and snorting and galloped the full circle of the property with more bucks and snorts  punctuating her pounding hooves. We were so surprised and delighted by her enthusiastic wild ride and felt like her treatment was a complete success. China has been much better since her treatment and romp and I have no reason to suspect that she won't continue to improve thanks to Alycin and her  great healing hands and spirit. "
Many thanks and Blessings ,
Flash Silvermoon

A session with your horse usually last about an hour depending on your horse's needs.

Equine Chakra Chart

Alycin's  Equine Bodywork can be a great compliment to conventional Veterinary medicine although it is not intended to to replace your Veterinarian.

Alycin Hayes

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